Tác động của nợ công đến các yếu tố kinh tế vĩ mô ở Việt Nam

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Nguyễn Thanh Cai



 Public debt is the debt of the State for development investment, it contributes to promoting economic growth and stabilizing macroeconomic factors. However, an increase in excessive public debt will curb economic growth and adversely affect macroeconomic factors. By data collection method published, statistics, analysis, synthesis, contact comparison to assess qualitative; use econometric method to evaluate quantitative. The article analyzed and evaluated the impacts of public debt on the macroeconomic factors in the period of 2010-2018 of Vietnam, both positive and negative. The results of quantitative research show that the increase in public debt has a significant effect on reducing GDP growth with the highest impact coefficient, the second is increasing inflation and increasing the exchange rate, finally is a slight increase in market interest rates.



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Cai, N. (2020). Tác động của nợ công đến các yếu tố kinh tế vĩ mô ở Việt Nam. Binh Duong University Journal of Science and Technology, 1(4). Retrieved from http://jst.bdu.edu.vn/jst/article/view/762