Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst <h2>Binh Duong University Journal of Science and Technology</h2> <p>Dear Colleagues,</p> <p>Binh Duong University Journal of Science and Technology (BDUJST) is a quarterly peer-reviewed research journal with the focus on publishing original theoretical and applied research papers with the latest developments and breakthroughs in a number of science and technology fields. The journal accepts papers written in Vietnamese, English, and Russian. The BDUJST welcomes article submissions from all science and technology research areas, including <strong>Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Statistics, Biodiversity, Science Technology, Engineering Science, Computer Science and Educational Science</strong>. Besides that, we also aim to explore papers with contributions to the sustainability of <strong>Business and Economics</strong>, etc. </p> <p>In order to expand both theoretical and practical understandings, the journal provides readers with a variety of open access stimulating and informative research papers contributed by a broad coalition of individuals and groups.</p> <p>We would be really glad and honored if you accept our invitation since your contributions to BDUJST will definitely help guarantee the quality of our journal and keep the journal prestigious and outstanding, and especially attract more researchers to submit their works to our journal.</p> <p>We are thankful for your consideration and cooperation.</p> <p>Best regards,</p> <p><strong>Chairman of the editorial board</strong></p> <p>Academician Sergey V. Ablameyko - Belarusian State University, Republic of Belarus</p> <p><strong>Editor-in-Chief</strong></p> <p>Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Van Cuong - Binh Duong University, Vietnam</p> <p>Vice-Dir. Cao Viet Hung - Binh Duong University, Vietnam</p> en-US bdujst@bdu.edu.vn (Binh Duong University) minhthuyky@bdu.edu.vn (Thuy - Nong Nguyen) Mon, 31 Jul 2023 16:14:21 +0700 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 Regulations on land fund development according to the draft amended Law on Land and several assessments and suggestions for completion https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/155 <p><span class="fontstyle0">In order to develop the land fund and help the state be more proactive in<br>allocating land, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has proposed Chapter<br>VIII on land fund development in the Draft amended Law on Land. Within the scope of<br>this article, the focus is on analyzing and evaluating the limitations and inadequacies in the<br>regulations on land fund development based on a comparison between the Draft amended<br>Law on Land and the current Law on Land, thereby making some suggestions to improve<br>legal provisions to establish a comprehensive and strict legal framework for land fund<br>development activities in Vietnam today.</span> </p> Linh Huan Tran, Thi Hong Tam Pham, Thi Thao Uyen Nguyen, Thi Van Do Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/155 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Some legal issues for Vietnam on workers' right to organize in the new generation of free trade agreements https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/156 <p><span class="fontstyle0">In recent years, Vietnam has achieved many significant achievements in<br>economic development through promoting openness, integration into the global economy,<br>and actively participating in the new generation of free trade agreements. Vietnam has<br>participated in negotiations and signed 16 Free Trade Agreements (FTA), among which the<br>Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and the<br>European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) are two "new generation" free<br>trade agreements with many new commitments on labor, including the right to freedom of<br>association of workers in enterprises. This article focuses on clarifying the provisions on<br>the right to establish representative organizations of workers in the CPTPP and EVFTA, as<br>well as the challenges that Vietnam must face in amending and supplementing the legal<br>provisions to implement these agreements effectively.</span> </p> Chanh Duc Truong Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/156 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Model of the relationship between high-quality human resource management system and business performance: A case study of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Mekong Delta https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/108 <p><span class="fontstyle0">The study was conducted with the aim of providing a model of high-quality<br />human resource relationship and business performance: The case of small and mediumsized enterprises in the Mekong Delta. The study identifies five factors and provides a<br />model synthesized from relevant research reviews, including: Recruitment and selection of<br />personnel, Training and career development, Remuneration policy, Environment Work,<br />Innovation of workers. After discussing with leaders, managers and experts to adjust the<br />suitability of high-quality human resource relationships to business results.</span> </p> Xuan Vu Dang Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/108 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Law on land dispute mediation – some inadequacies and orientations for improvement https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/154 <p><span class="fontstyle0">Land dispute is one of Vietnam's most common and complicated disputes today.<br>There are many methods to resolve these disputes, and currently, most disputes over land<br>use rights are resolved in court. However, mediation is one of the most effective and<br>convenient methods for resolving disputes. This is considered a peaceful method, ensuring<br>the will and rights of the parties involved and minimizing potential damage that may arise<br>in the dispute. Therefore, in this article, the author focuses on studying the legal regulations<br>on land dispute mediation and analyzing the forms of land dispute mediation. Based on<br>this, the article points out shortcomings and challenges and proposes effective<br>recommendations and solutions to improve the legal framework for land dispute mediation<br>and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the people.</span> </p> Thi Hai Van Pham Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/154 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Improving the legal provisions on retention of title in the 2015 Civil Code https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/153 <p><span class="fontstyle0">Retention of title is one of the provisions in the contract for selling a property. In<br>essence, it is similar to granting the seller the right to "delay the transfer of ownership of the<br>property" to the buyer. However, in the 2015 Civil Code, retention of title is recognized as one<br>of the measures to ensure the fulfillment of obligations. This article analyzes the content of the<br>legal provisions on retention of title, the shortcomings of the legal provisions, and proposes<br>some recommendations to improve the legal provisions on retention of title in the Vietnamese<br>Civil Code.</span> </p> Thi Ngoc Hai Doan, Dang Chung Chu Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/153 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Improving the legal policy system to develop the social work sector in Vietnam in the context of international integration https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/152 <p><span class="fontstyle0">Resolution No. 06-NQ/TW of the Fourth Plenum of the 12th Central Committee<br>of the Communist Party of Vietnam (“Resolution 06”) [1] outlines strategies and policies<br>for effectively implementing the process of international economic integration while<br>maintaining political and social stability in the context of Vietnam's participation in newgeneration free trade agreements. The resolution highlights the importance of addressing<br>social issues, including developing the social work sector in Vietnam. In accordance with<br>the government's Resolution No. 22/NQ-CP on May 28, 2009[2], the Prime Minister of<br>Vietnam issued Decision No. 32/2010/QD-TTg (“Decision 32”) [3] to approve the plan for<br>developing social work from 2010 to 2020. However, 12 years have passed since then, and<br>many objectives have yet to be achieved. The lack of legal tools is currently hindering the<br>development of the social work sector, making it necessary to improve the legal policy<br>system in Vietnam to promote the sector's development in the context of international<br>integration.</span> </p> Khac Hung Doan Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/152 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Completing legal regulations on state management of pawnshop business activities https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/151 <p><span class="fontstyle0">Tại Việt Nam, không khó tìm thấy các cửa hàng, tiệm kinh doanh dịch vụ cầm<br>đồ trên khắp các con phố, ngõ hẻm từ đô thị đến nông thôn. Trong vài năm trở lại đây,<br>nhiều doanh nghiệp kinh doanh dịch vụ này còn mở rộng chi nhánh, địa điểm kinh doanh<br>có tính hệ thống, bao phủ các tỉnh thành. Đầu năm 2023, xã hội đặc biệt quan tâm và đặt ra<br>nhiều vấn đề pháp lý về quản lý nhà nước đối với hoạt động kinh doanh này, khi một số<br>doanh nghiệp hoạt động trong lĩnh vực kinh doanh dịch vụ cầm đồ và công ty tài chính bị<br>thanh kiểm tra xuất phát từ các nguồn tin báo về hành vi cưỡng đoạt tài sản thông qua việc<br>đòi nợ có tính uy hiếp tinh thần, khủng bố khách hàng. Ngay sau đó, nhiều cá nhân là nhân<br>viên của doanh nghiệp này đã bị khởi tố để điều tra về tội Cưỡng đoạt tài sản quy định tại<br>Điều 170 Bộ luật hình sự 2015, sửa đổi bổ sung năm 2017. Nội dung bài viết luận giải các<br>quy định pháp lý hiện hành, nội dung quản lý nhà nước đối với hoạt động kinh doanh dịch<br>vụ cầm đồ. Trên cơ sở thực trạng hoạt động kinh doanh này trên thực tế, tác giả đưa ra một<br>số kiến nghị nhằm hoàn thiện các quy định về quản lý nhà nước đối với hoạt động kinh<br>doanh này.</span> </p> Thi Nga Vu Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/151 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Digital transformation trends of public services for Binh Duong province https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/150 <p><span class="fontstyle0">The trend of digital transformation in public services in Vietnam is currently<br>being paid attention and strongly built in terms of infrastructure. The public service industry<br>of Binh Duong province is not an exception to that trend, the trend of digital transformation<br>of urban government. Binh Duong is considered as one of the provinces with a strong<br>industrial development speed, thereby leading to favorable conditions for the<br>implementation of technological revolution strategies, especially the transformation of<br>technology. number in the public service. The purpose of this paper is to make comments<br>on how digital transformation of public services in Binh Duong province presents<br>challenges and opportunities for success in building e-government. The article will present<br>the outstanding features of the digital transformation of public services, thereby providing<br>digital transformation trends for the urban government of Binh Duong province in the<br>future construction and development.</span> </p> Trinh Hong Phi Pham, Mai Huong Tran Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/150 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Factors affecting liquidity in Vietnam’s commercial banks https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/149 <p><span class="fontstyle0">The paper analyzes and determines the factors affecting liquidity in 24<br>commercial banks in Vietnam from 2010 to 2022. The study uses regression models OLS,<br>FEM, REM and overcomes the model. GLS model through STATA 17 software to test and<br>overcome defects, in which the study uses 12 variables and experimental results show that<br>there are 8 factors affecting liquidity of commercial banks including: 1) Bank size, (2)<br>Profit ratio, (3) Total short-term debt/equity ratio, (4) Loan balance/total customer deposit<br>ratio, (5) Capital ratio owner/total assets, (6) Bad debt ratio, (7) Inflation rate, (8) Marginal<br>interest income ratio. From there, draw conclusions and propose some policy implications<br>to help commercial banks develop and ensure liquidity effectively.</span> </p> Cam Nhung Vu, Thi Tham Nguyen, Xuan Hoang Tuan Nguyen , Thi Nhi Bui Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/149 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Solutions to improve the financial autonomy mechanism of public non-business units with public revenue empirical evidence from the guest house of People’s committee of Binh Duong province https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/148 <p><span class="fontstyle0">The purpose of this study is to generalize the theoretical basis of the financial<br>autonomy mechanism of public non-business units with public revenue as stipulated in<br>Decree 60/2021/ND-CP of the Government issued on June 21, 2021, which is currently<br>being implemented by our whole country, evaluate the actual situation of the actual<br>financial autonomy mechanism taking place at the Guest House of the People's Committee<br>of Binh Duong province, thereby developing solutions to overcome the limitations in the<br>period of 2017-2021 to propose solutions to improve the financial autonomy of the unit<br>such as: (1) solutions to improve autonomy in the implementation of regulations for growth<br>revenue sources and thrifty and efficient use of recurrent expenditures; (2) solutions on<br>setting up and using the unit's funds, the additional income fund of its staff, the fund for<br>development of professional activities, the welfare fund and the reward fund of the unit;<br>(3) solutions on building internal spending regulations of the unit; (4) solutions on<br>developing joint venture service activities in service provision in accordance with the<br>State's regulations</span> </p> Thi Nguyen Trang Bo Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/148 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Factors affecting digital transformation of enterprises in Binh Duong province https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/145 <p><span class="fontstyle0">The 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) has opened up many opportunities<br>for businesses to access technology to optimize costs and increase business profits.<br>Therefore, the article has studied the factors affecting the digital transformation of<br>enterprises in Binh Duong province. The results show that there are 7 factors affecting the<br>digital transformation of enterprises in Binh Duong province, which are: Legal policy and<br>government support; Safety and confidentiality of enterprise information; Digitization<br>process; Digital transformation strategy of enterprises; Logistics services and customer<br>support; Human resources of the enterprise; Organizational structure and business<br>processes of the enterprise.</span> </p> Thi Huong Bui Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/145 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Model of factors affecting organizational culture on business performance: A case study of small and medium enterprises in the Mekong Delta https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/109 <p>The study was conducted with the aim of analyzing the influence of factors affecting organizational culture on business performance: The case of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Mekong Delta region, Kowloon. The study identified five factors and proposed a research model for factors synthesized from relevant research reviews, including: Mission, Adaptability, Remuneration policy, Working environment , Corporate branding. After discussing with experts to adjust the appropriateness of factors affecting organizational culture to business performance.</p> Xuan Chau Dang Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/109 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Table of contents Vol 6, No 2 https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/164 <p>Table of contents</p> Journal of Science and Technology - Binh Duong University Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/164 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Overview of foreign publications on new oral anti-coagulants (noac )also called direct oral anti-coagulants (doac ) https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/163 <p><span class="fontstyle0">Novel oral anticoagulant (NOAC) is a new generation of anticoagulants. NOACs<br>partially disrupt the complex mechanism involved in the formation of blood clots. This<br>prolongs blood clot formation time and reduces the risk of (Atrial fibrillation(AF)-related<br>strokes. These are all drugs for oral use, with relatively high bioavailability, convenience,<br>effectiveness, and safety not inferior to older options such as vitamin K antagonists.<br>Comparison of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics plays an important role in the<br>effective use of drugs and the reduction of adverse events. In this article, the<br>pharmacokinetics - pharmacodynamics of new oral anticoagulants and their application in<br>drug counseling for patients will be analyzed and discussed.</span> </p> Hoang Vinh Vo, Minh Tri Nguyen, Quoc Dat Tran, Minh Phat Ngo Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/163 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Molecular mechanism of an aspirin compound for alleviation of osteoporosis using nerwork pharmacology and molecular docking https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/162 <p><span class="fontstyle0">The aspirin compound (AC) is commonly found to have a wide range of<br>pharmacological activities. This study aimed to investigate the underlying mechanism of<br>the anti-osteoporotic (anti-OP) activity of AC using network pharmacology and molecular<br>docking approaches. First, AC targets were identified using the GeneCards database, and<br>second, OP-related targets were mined using a combination of the GeneCards and<br>DisGeNet databases. The intersection targets from the Genecards, AC, and OP databases<br>were considered candidate targets and were utilized to calculate protein-protein interactions<br>between targets. We discovered a C4A intersection target in the Genecards, AC, and OP<br>databases. This is useful for molecular binding. In addition, we obtained 11 additional<br>prospective targets that may be used to attach the AC molecule to these targets. At the<br>intersection region of the AC and OP target groups are the target genes HLA-DQA1, HLADQB1, RPL31, SATB2, SP1, and WNT1. And at the intersection region of the GeneCards<br>and OP databases, we discovered the anti-OP target genes CTSK, PDIA2, RARG, and<br>TBC1D8. They are crucial binding targets that interact with other protein targets.<br>According to the protein-protein interaction network, C4A showed the highest binding<br>capacity with other proteins. The gene ontology (GO) analysis performed in this work<br>found the 10 biological processes, 10 cellular components, 9 molecular activities, and 13<br>biological pathways. Furthermore, C4A and 10 candidate targets are associated with<br>homologous genes mainly involved in the signaling pathways of the Kyoto Encyclopedia<br>of Genomics and Genomics (KEGG). The AC molecule was found to be highly bound to<br>11 target candidates. This study identified candidate targets for AC to alleviate OP using<br>the search for protein-protein interactions and the associated signaling pathways of the<br>targets to endorse AC against OP. This may help us understand the mechanism of action of<br>AC during OP treatment.</span> </p> Van Tat Pham, Minh Quang Nguyen Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/162 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 The use of medicines in treating hypertension at Thuan Thao clinic in the last 6 months of 2022 https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/161 <p><span class="fontstyle0">Hypertension is a common health condition of people in the world as well as in<br>Vietnam, especially the elderly. High blood pressure is a serious cause of health and life<br>expectancy in the community. If a patient with high blood pressure is not properly and<br>adequately treated, it will cause many dangerous complications such as heart attack, angina,<br>blood vessel blockage, heart failure, cerebral ischemia, stroke,... The selection of<br>antihypertensive drugs to ensure rational, safety and effectiveness is always a affair of concern<br>of the medical industry. Therefore, the survey on the use of blood pressure medication in<br>outpatient treatment at Thuan Thao General Clinic in the last 6 months of 2022 was conducted.<br>The results showed that: All antihypertensive drugs surveyed were on the recommended list by<br>Vietnamese Society of Cardiology. Calcium channel blockers and angiotensin receptor blockers<br>are the two most commonly used drug classes (59.57% and 50.7%). The rate of combination of<br>multiple antihypertensive drug in therapy regimen is higher than the rate of using one<br>antihypertensive drug in therapy regimen.</span> </p> Van Ut Le, Thi Anh Tuyet Nguyen, Huyen Trang Tran, Phi Long Nguyen, Thi Bich Ngoc Tran, Van Quoc Huy Ho , Thi Thuy Van Nguyen, Bao Ngan Lam Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/161 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Application of ChatGPT in promoting higher education teaching and learning in the era of Artificial Intelligence https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/160 <p><span class="fontstyle0">ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence application that has attracted over a million<br>registrations within just one week since its initial release on November 30th, 2022. Experts<br>and educators alike have been amazed by its remarkable capacity to accomplish intricate<br>tasks in the realm of education. This article discusses the potential benefits of ChatGPT in<br>promoting teaching and learning at the university level, including personalization and<br>interaction in the learning process, as well as suggesting assessment activities to support<br>instruction. The article also highlights the limitations of ChatGPT, such as the potential for<br>generating misinformation and privacy concerns. Therefore, collaboration among<br>researchers, educators, and technology experts is needed to ensure the safe and effective<br>use of ChatGPT in supporting learning.</span> </p> Thanh Linh Duong Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/160 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Control of Double Rotary Inverted Pendulum using Linear Quadratic Regulator in Simulation https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/159 <p><span class="fontstyle0">Double rotary inverted pendulum (DRIP) is a SIMO complicated nonlinear<br>unstable model which is developed from one-linked RIP – a classical model in control<br>engineering. The paper presents method of modelling and development of control for RDIP<br>system in Matlab/Simulink simulation. In this paper, we present dynamic equations and<br>LQR controller to balance this system on up-right position. Thence, we investigate stability<br>of system under this method. The evaluation of the simulation results will show the<br>effectiveness of the controller on this system.</span></p> Minh Hien Tran, Quang Truong Truong, Tran Nguyen Nguyen, Huu Thinh Ho, Hoang Duy Nguyen , Cong Dang Khoa Le , Bao Khoi Nguyen, Van Binh Tuong Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/159 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Increasing Line Efficiency By Using Line Balancing In A Steel Manufacturing Company https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/158 <p><span class="fontstyle0">Line balancing using the Takt Time method is recognized as a modern tool for<br>assisting businesses in reducing costs and increasing profits. It is possible for the enterprise<br>to smoothly produce the most optimal number of products by rational calculation and<br>resource arrangement. This paper presents a case study on the application of line balancing<br>by the Takt Time method in a steel factory in Vietnam. The methods selected for the study<br>include describing the current situation of the factory, applying Lean Manufacturing<br>improvement tools, applying modern equipment technology, and rearranging factory<br>resources, finally calculating Line Balancing metrics and implementing them in practice.<br>According to the findings of the research, using the Takt Time line balancing method<br>provides numerous benefits to the factory. The number of operators decreased by 9 people.<br>The percentage of line balance increased by 22% from 77% to 99% and the efficiency of<br>line balance increased by 6% from 93% to 99%. In addition, the study also helps<br>Vietnamese businesses have a more objective view of the application of Takt Time line<br>balancing in the future.</span> </p> Cao Van Pham, Thanh Truc Tra, Hoang Manh Cuong Vu, Huu Cong Tu, Trong Cang Vo Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/158 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700 Effect of polypropylene fiber content on flexural strength andelastic modulus of concrete https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/157 <p><span class="fontstyle0">The aim of the study is to find out the effects of polypropylene fiber content on<br>the flexural strength and elastic modulus of concrete, and to evaluate the relationship<br>between polypropylene fibers and the flexural and elastic modulus of the concrete.<br>concrete, the applicability of concrete with the addition of polypropylene fiber<br>reinforcement in the concrete structure, evaluation of the working ability of the concrete<br>mixture with the addition of polypropylene fibers when supplemented with silicafume byproducts. Materials used to design the mix with variable content: polypropylene fiber with<br>0% content; 0.5%; 1.0%; 1.5% and 2% by volume of concrete, proportion of silicafume<br>by-products by weight of cement, sand, stone, cement, plasticizer admixture 1.5% and<br>control mix. Graded concrete with by-product reinforcement reaches durability grade B25.<br>The study was carried out using experimental materials available in Vietnam. Research<br>results show that concrete using polypropylene fibers has the ability to increase flexural<br>strength, and at the same time, using silicafume additives will make the fibers have better<br>adhesion in concrete, and the flexural strength of the samples. indirect experiments were<br>higher.</span> </p> Huy Vung Nguyen , Van Dung Do, The Sang Le Copyright (c) 2023 Tập san Khoa học và kỹ thuật trường Đại học Bình Dương https://jst.bdu.edu.vn/index.php/jst/article/view/157 Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0700