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Belarusian State University, Republic of Belarus


Cao Viet Hung

Binh Duong University, Vietnam

Vol 1 No 1 (2019)

Binh Duong University: A Philosophy of Education

Published: 2019-05-07

Nature Society System Survivability Indicators

Vladimir F. Krapivin, Ferdenant A. Mkrtchyan
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  • Page 16-22

About Ecoinformatics Tools and GIMS Technology in the Water Quality Monitoring

Dao Van Tuyet, Nguyen Xuan Man, Vladimir F. Krapivin, Ferdenant A. Mkrtchyan, Vladimir Yu. Soldatov
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  • Page 23-36

Evaluating the Effects of Tire Pressure on Surface Course Structure

Le Van Cuong, Tran Van Hung
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  • Page 54-63

Work-Motivation Structure Of Office Workers

Nguyen Quoc Thang
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  • Page 102-110

Procedures Of Transferring Investment Projects On Real Estate

Nguyen Ngoc Bien Thuy Huong
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  • Page 139-145
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